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Virtually invisible mesh fencing keeps deer and rodents out, dogs and poultry in!



What is TENAX  Deer Fence?

TENAX Deer Fence is virtually invisible, a high-strength, weather resistant polypropylene mesh deer fencing that has become the deer control method of choice for gardeners and homeowners.  TENAX Deer Fence keeps deer out of garden areas or entire properties without changing the aesthetics of the site.

  • TENAX Deer Fence is virtually invisible
  • TENAX Deer Fencing is easy to install
  • TENAX Deer Fence is proven to be long-term deer protection
  • TENAX Deer Fence is easy to attach to existing trees or posts
  • There is substantial cost savings with TENAX Deer Fencing compared to conventional fencing
  • Reduce the risk of Lyme Disease with TENAX  Deer Fencing

NatureScape Fencing offers:

  • Virtually invisible mesh fencing sales for Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.
  • Complete NatureScape Deer Fence System with a wide range of accessories.
  • Best Friend Dog Fence, virtually invisible mesh fencing to keep your pet safe.
  • Poultry fencing providing protection from predators.
  • Rodent fencing providing protection from rabbits, rats and other pesky rodents.
  • Next-day Courier Service available on Vancouver Island and Vancouver Area.
  • Economical shipping throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan.


Visit us at NatureScape Fencing.
We invite you to visit our invisible mesh fencing business in Nanoose Bay, on Vancouver Island, BC, to view theTENAX  Deer Fence in use and make your purchase. Just imagine a deer free garden or property this year!
Customer Service is very important to us at NatureScape Fencing.
A personal approach, with discussion about your project, will ensure you get only the product you need. Computer generated fence kit sales always seem to produce too much or too little. We opt for the face-to-face or voice-to-voice approach.

Benner’s Gardens has been providing long-term, virtually invisible deer fence solutions to thousands of clients all across the United States and Canada since 1992. In 2003 NatureScape Fencing Ltd. premiered the sales and distribution of Benner's Deer Fencing in Canada. Benners ownership changed hands. The original fence system was so successful we continued our relationship with the fence mesh manufacturerTENAX

Western Canada; British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, have become our prime focus for NatureScape Fencing sales and service. As gardeners and resident deer fence experts we work hard to provide you with the very best fencing products and service over and over again.

Product Quality
The TENAX Deer Fence polypropylene mesh has been time tested. The polypropylene materials have UV Inhibitors giving life spans of 15+ years. The unique manufacturing process has produced a mesh deer fence with incredible strength yet an almost invisible appearance. Easily adaptable to uneven terrain, this workability makes the deer fence installation very user friendly.  Fence posts are galvanized and powder coated steel to last years. Hardware is powder coated galvanized steel or aluminum.